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At Long Beach Expert Plumbing Co., we recognize that unforeseen plumbing glitches can put a crimp in your plans and your budget. This is why we make it a priority to provide you with fast and reliable, proficient service from one of our skilled plumbers right away. Our residential plumbing repairs are greatly considered throughout Long Beach as the best, which is why when a plumbing crisis emerges we are the first company your neighbors call for help.

So, how can we help you? Great question! Our trained fleet of plumbing technicians is trained to tackle any plumbing issue, including, but not limited to:

•             Water heater repair and installation services

•             Drain cleaning and flush-outs

•             Repairing clogged drains

•             Fixing broken toilets

•             Bathtub and shower basin installation

•             Sewer line repair and cleaning services

•             Hydro jetting services for sewer line cleaning

•             Sump pump installation and repair services

As you can see, there isn’t a situation that our technicians cannot address.

Many of the services we offer may be considered emergency repair services. However, we also work with our residential customers on long-term projects such as the following:

•             Kitchen remodeling

•             Bathroom remodeling

•             Plumbing planning for new home construction

Our licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers are available to be by your side throughout any remodeling situation that directly affects the pipes and other elements of your drain and sewer system to ensure everything is connected as it should be, preventing any issues that could arise months or years into the future.

Check Out Our Commercial Plumbing Services!

Our plumbing techs can help you with commercial plumbing problems, too! Our crew of plumbing experts is knowledgeable about the wide array of plumbing problems that can make it difficult for businesses to operate such as the following:

•             Restroom repair

•             Commercial backflow

•             Grease trap cleanouts

•             Broken water heaters and boilers

•             And . . . . The list goes on!

Commercial plumbing problems are similar in nature to residential plumbing concerns, but on a larger scale. In general, the wear and tear on a commercial plumbing system can happen faster than in a residential setting because of the sheer number of people using the plumbing components on a daily basis. When something stops working it can halt your production or, at the very least, make it difficult to work without distractions.

If you are experiencing commercial plumbing concerns, don’t waste time hoping they go away on their own. Give us a call and let our team of commercial plumbing specialists take care of the problem right away!

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Long Beach Expert Plumbing Co. is open 24/7 to help all of our residential and commercial clients with their plumbing essentials. Our unbeatable pricing, speedy service, and trustworthy repairs have earned us the reputation for being the best residential and commercial plumbers in Long Beach!